Comissió de Mobilitat

Comissió de Mobilitat

The Students’ Council of the UdL is the body of debate and representation composed of students in the University of Lleida. It takes part in all decision making of the University and its main goal is to protect the rights, interests and proposals of the students. The Student’s Council also handles its demands within the university competent bodies. The CEUdL (in English means: Students’ Council of UdL) is a non-political body, it is opened to everyone and it works for the improving conditions to the students and their academic level.

Each faculty of the UdL has its own Council. These are coordinated with CEUdL, whose goal is to defend the interests of students from its faculty center.The Students’ Council definetely promotes to the students to receive academic training and human quality in the context of a Catalan public university system.

You can find the Mobility Comission inside the CEUdL, where we assist our incoming students from other universities worldwide in order to help them as the same as all the students in the UdL.Furthermore, we are aware of the specific needs the foreign students have, so that we provide them all the necessary resources in collaboration with all the involved bodies of the University, such as the International Relations Office and the Language Service.

Mobility Comission Aims.

We help our incoming students to make their staying easier with us, not only with academic issues but to integrate them in our society.

We also take part in scheduled programmes planned by the UdL to meet personally, so that it let us know how to work together. We also plan activities in order to promote interaction between all the student community.

 Mobility Comission’s philosophy.

The University of Lleida is a small one in comparison to others, it is also located in a non-crowded area, but it takes easier to experience with other individuals. The Students’ Council of the UdL takes advantage of this proximity to link relations abroad.

To give an example, relations between professors and students is permanent.

We definetely believe making this network by sharing both academic and human experiences all the community together is the key for a globalised education, in accordance to what it is expected for the future professionals in recent times.